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高三作文讲义 ☆ 必备语汇 (1)surf the internet 上网 (2)chat online 在线聊天 (3)enjoy popular music 喜欢流行音乐 (4)be fond of/be keen on 喜欢? (5)have some hobbies 有一些爱好 (6)be interested in 对??感兴趣 (7)take an interest in 对??感兴趣 (8)be crazy about... 对??着迷 (9)come to like... 越来越喜欢 (10)develop a great liking for... 渐渐爱上 (11)I prefer watching a TV show to going to a concert.我宁愿看电视表演,而不愿去听音乐会。 (12)He goes for playing on-line games. 他喜欢玩在线游戏。 (13)Shopping is my favorite hobby in my spare time. 购物是我闲暇时最喜欢的爱好。 (14)I hate visiting museums, for I think they are boring.我讨厌参观博物馆,因为我觉得它们让 人感到无趣。 ☆ 专题练析 基础写作:就家长反对自己集邮写求助信 假如你热衷集邮,但家长并不支持,于是你向一个学生心声的专栏写信咨询解决的办法。内 容包括: 1.你的意见:(1)增长知识;(2)减压;(3)挣钱。 2.家长意见:(1)浪费钱;(2)占了学习时间。 Dear Sir, I’m a Grade-Two student in a senior high school. I’ve always been fond of collecting stamps since I was a child. As far as I’m concerned,collecting stamps is a meaningful hobby, helping me to know a lot. Besides, dealing with my collection of stamps not only gives me great satisfaction but also helps me relax under the great pressure of studies. What’s more,I even earn money by selling some stamps and my collection will be more valuable as times goes by. However, my parents are strongly against it for they consider it as a waste of money and they also think that sorting out my stamps may take up too much of my time, which should be spent on my studies. I don’t want to argue with them any more. Could you help me out? Looking forward to your early reply! A Worried Reader 任务写作:该不该迫使孩子学习他们不感兴趣的才艺 培养孩子的兴趣爱好是非常必要的, 但现在有很多家长一味地追求子女的多才多艺, 迫使孩 子学习他们不感兴趣的东西,请你以大约 120 个词谈谈对这种现象的看法,内容包括: (1)你是否赞同上述家长的做法; (2)以你或你朋友的经历说明你的观点; (3)呼吁家长们要尊重孩子的意愿。 Today’s children are lucky to have many opportunities to develop their talents. But on the other hand, a lot of parents push their children too hard.(26 words) In that case, I don’t envy them. It is true that good hobbies make life more colorful and

enjoyable. However, things are different if children take no interest in the “hobby” that their parents choose for them. Without interest as motivation, they find it a burden rather than a hobby. My 6-year-old neighbour often cries while practicing the piano. She is busier on weekends than on weekdays because she has to attend many extracurricular activities. Her mother complains that she even sleeps in class. Therefore, parents should see the bad effects from their over-effort to cultivate children’s talents. Parents are supposed to help children learn what they are interested in. Only in this way can they learn well and be happy!(121 words) ◆ 个人情感与人际关系 ☆ 必备词句 个人情感 (1)be happy / sad / upset / nervous / lonely 高兴/难过/不安/紧张/孤独 (2)be pleased with 对??感到高兴 (3)be worried about / worry about 担心,担忧 (4)be / get angry with sb. about sth. 因某事生某人的气 (5)be disappointed at sb. 对某人感到失望 (6)be confident of sth. / in sb. 对某事/某人有信心 (7)We are deeply grateful to you for your support. 我们深深感谢你的支持。 (8)It is a pity that we shall have to leave tomorrow. 我们明天必须离开,真是遗憾。 人际关系 (1)learn from each other 互相学习 (2)promote the friendship 增进友谊 (3)improve the relationship 改善关系 (4)show love and concern for sb. 爱护和关心某人 (5)Good listening can really enable us to get closer to each other. 善于倾听使我们彼此走得更 近。 (6)A good relationship between teachers and students is of great importance for our studies.良好 的师生关系对我们的学习很重要。 (7)To build a good relationship, we should trust in each other. 要建立良好的关系,我们应该彼 此信任。 (8)Only in this way can we enjoy an equal relationship. 只有这样我们才能享有平等的关系。 (9)They find it easy to communicate with their teachers. 他们发觉很容易和老师沟通。 (10)With their help, I tried my best to study hard and succeeded in entering a key university. 在他 们的帮助下,我努力学习,成功地被一所重点大学录取。 (11)We should value this harmonious relationship between teachers and students. 我们应该珍惜 师生之间这种和谐的关系。 (12)With the encouragement and support of my father, I have overcome many difficulties in our life. 在父亲的鼓励和支持下,我克服了生活中的许多困难。 任务写作 1:父母与子女之间如何建立良好关系 以约 120 个词就“父母与子女的良好关系”发表你的看法,包括如下要点: (1)父母与子女关系良好的重要性; (2)你希望与你的父母之间的关系是怎样的; (3)如何才能建立这种关系? An ideal relationship between parents and children is very important for our growth. Parents

always show love and concern for us. They are our good listeners, advisers and supporters. With their help, we can overcome many difficulties in our life. In my opinion, the relationship between parents and children should be one filled with love, care and understanding, in which parents and children show respect for each other and exchange ideas freely. To build a relationship of this kind, parents should become friends of their children while children ought to place more trust in their parents and give voice to their feelings frankly. Only in this way can we enjoy a harmonious relationship between parents and children.(117 words)

六、描述友谊和朋友的常用句子 1. I believe our friendship will last forever. 2. We will cherish the time we have spent together. 3. I have known a new friend on the Internet. 4. Wherever he is, there is laughing. 5. Especially when you are in trouble, she will give you a hand. 6. We have been studying and living together for over six years. 7. Li Mei is a very pretty girl with big eyes and long black hair. 8. There is always a sweet smile on her lovely face. 9. Li Mei is warm-hearted and she is always ready to help others. 10. Everyone who knows her likes to make friends with her. 11. We get along well with each other because we have much in common, respect each other, help each other and learn from each other. 12. Gradually, with the help of Li Hua I learned how to open myself up to others and become more confident. 13. She fell down on her lesson. However, with her friends’ help, she caught up with others quickly. 14. All of a sudden, I realized that the most valuable thing was true friendship. 15. Smile at someone and you are almost sure to get a smile in return. 16.Don’t believe in those who leave their friends when they are in trouble, because “ A friend in deed is a friend indeed”. 17.So communicating with others, understanding them can eventually achieve their understanding and thus you can live in harmony with all around you. 18.At first I found it difficult for me to get on well with the other students in our class. 19. A good friend can inspire me whenever I meet ups and downs in life. 20. Only in this way can you fit in with everything here. 七、在描述友谊和朋友话题时常用的句型有: 1. Friends give us … 朋友给予我们…。 2. A good friend is someone you can … 一位好朋友就是一个我们能够…的人。 3. The first time I met …, he was … 当我第一次遇到…的时候,他…。 4. Friendship plays an important part in … 友谊在…中扮演一个重要角色。 5. You can … to be a good friend. 你可以…来成为别人的好朋友。 6. We can turn to ... when we feel down. 当我们心情糟糕时,可以求助于…。 7. … makes a good friend. …成就好朋友。

8. ... is one of the things people value most in a friend. … 是人们在朋友身上最重视的东西。 9. … have a friend of … years with sb. … 与… 有着…年的友情。 八、学以致用 范例: How to Get Along with Friends 一)、写作指导 I. 词汇搜索 1. Keep up; friendship; get along / on well with; lifelong; honest; tell lies tell the truth; respect; selfish; show concern for; care for; help- - - out II. 句型搜索 1. As is known to all / As we all know- - 2. It is important and necessary for sb to do sth. 3. We should ( not ) - - - ; We’d better ( not ) do 4. As long as 5. Play an important part in - - III. 单句表达 1. As we all know, making friends is easier than keeping friendship. 2. To begin with, we should be honest with our friends, for lies will hurt them. 3. We’d better be humble before our friends. 4. A friend in need is a friend indeed. 5. We should be ready to help our friends whenever they are in trouble. 6. As long as we obey the rules mentioned above, we will find it easy to get along well with our friends. 二)、经典例题 古语有云:“有朋自远方来, 不亦乐乎?” 在生活中, 人人都需要朋友。但 如何与朋友和谐相处才能使我们的友谊长存呢?请根据下面的提示, 写一篇英 语短文。 内容要点: 1.诚实:谎言会使朋友远离我们; 2.倾听:理解朋友的心声; 3.虚心:如果在朋友面前骄傲, 就会失去朋友的尊敬; 4.无私:在朋友有困难时帮助朋友。 注意:1)词数 120 左右; 2)适当发挥想象, 增加细节以使行文连贯,但不要逐字翻译。 三)、范文欣赏: As we all know, keeping friendship is not so easy as making friends. Therefore, it is important for us to know how to get along well with our friends. In order to win lifelong friendship, we should obey the following rules. To begin with, we should be honest with our friends. Lies will surely make them stay far away from us. Second, we should become good listeners as well so that we can have a good understanding of one another. Third, we’d better be humble. If we are too proud before our friends, we can hardly win their respect. Finally, we should not be selfish and should be ready to help our friends whenever they are in trouble, for a friend in need is a friend indeed. In a word, as long as we obey the rules that are mentioned above, we will find it

easy to get on well with our friends. 第二部分、高考英语模拟试题读写任务范文摘选 1. Friendship plays a big part in our life, just like a home where you can get relaxed. But to keep and form it needs relating and being ready to help others. According to my experience, I think friends bring me not only trust, understanding but also warmth. Once on a weekend I fell badly ill. Unfortunately, I lived at school and my parents had no idea of my illness. I had thought about lying in bed all day. But one of my friends had me sent to hospital and looked after me without having a rest, which made me moved a lot. It is friendship that gives me a hand when I’m in trouble. As I enjoy making friends, I value friendship a lot. And I think friendship is a relationship which requires both honesty with each other and sharing. Thus, to my mind, to build up real friendship, we should make friends with those who we can trust, then take serious concerns on our friendship and always get ready to help each other. 2.一模 Dear Principal, I am writing this letter to support my good friend Li Hua's application to study at your university. In my classmates' eyes, he has always been an intelligent and hard-working student, who is helpful and co-operative with others. For these reasons, he is very popular with everyone. (29 字) I agree with my classmates and I have personally benefited greatly from his help. I still remember at the beginning of this school year I was in a traffic accident and that required me to be in hospital for over two months. This situation caused me great concern as I feared I would fall far behind my classmates in this very important year of study. But thanks to Li Hua by the time I was well enough to leave hospital and return to work I was up-to-date in all areas of my study. Not only did he come to visit me every day, bringing with him all the lessons and materials our class had gone through each day, but he patiently sat with me and explained to me all those issues that I didn't understand. Only after staying with me for at least 2 hours every day would he go home and begin his own studies. (156 字) For the reasons above, I urge you to consider his application favourably. Yours truly, Li Ping 3.佛山二模 Possible version 1 Enjoy staying with friends The author enjoys being accompanied by friends more than being alone because friends comfort him and usually offer him excitements. Similarly, I would like to stay with my friends rather than stay alone. As the old saying goes, you may rely on your friends when you're out. Friends sometimes are just like the hand of god that will drag you out of trouble. In my case, math was once my nightmare in my study. However, it was my friend, Wang, who gave me a hand as well as a chance to break this curse. Although I was rather slow, he guided me through tremendous math problems with great patience. And finally, I step by step learned to work them out myself and I think this attributed to the endless effort made together by him and me. And no words can express my

gratitude towards him. In a word, a friend in need is a friend indeed. May all of us treasure our friends.

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